Forex Mentor Pro Review – Why should you get it?

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Creator: Marc Walton, Pierre Du Plessis, Omar Eltoukhy

Product: Forex Mentor Pro

Forex Mentor Pro Review

Forex Mentor Pro is a new product that is designed by Marc Walton, Pierre Du Plessis, and Omar Eltoukhy. This product includes the tools and trading systems that you need to start making consistent and bankable profits such as 3 powerful trading systems, daily video analysis of trades, step by step video training…


  • Daily Video Analysis of Trades: The video gives the trades in advance and explains what you are looking at with the trading system for these days and weeks ahead.
  • 3 Powerful Forex Trading Systems: You can get full access to these powerful trading systems to pull profits out of the Forex Market.
  • Proprietary Trading Indicators: You can get unlimited access to the custom propitiatory indators and the trading tools that are created to drive your trades easy and profitable.
  • Full Step By Step Video Training: You can get everything you need in this step by step online video training, from basic to advanced trading systems.
  • Private Members Forum: If you take part in the FMP family, you can meet other members and ask questions, advices… And the members who are professional and experienced will answer questions and help you in investing.


  • Simple Trend Trading:

The simple trend trading system is a unique trend trading method designed specifically so that you are able to trade without being stuck in front of your chart. Actually, the members often pull hundreds of pips out of the market per month while spending only a few hours per week in front of their charts.

You can discover how to analyze trade setups and how to filter the good from the bad. Moreover, you can learn how to gauge a trend’s power before making a decision.

The STT system is the backbone of the forex trading systems including M1, M2, and Earth and Sky systems. Once you understand deeply this simple system, you are possible to trade any forex method on the market.

  • M1 – M2 Trading System:

M1 and M2 Forex Trading System will allow you to see exactly what is on your chart. And this method will show you setups as well as examples.

M1 System is a day trading system around London Open. If your time zone does not enable you to trade London Open and your job interferes, you will not have to worry about anything because there are many methods to get this.

M2 System will focus on the longer term outlook and teach you the way of setting trading traps to catch pullbacks in a trend at higher probability zones.

  • Earth and Sky Trading System:

This system is considered as a powerful and unique swing trading method that focused on medium and long-term trading. The system let you predict market swing point often days in advance by utilizing weekly fib levels and certain moving averages.

You can also understand exactly how to pinpoint your entries by using pivot points and using the Euro Index to back up your trades as well as add more an extra edge into your trading method.

With the tips and tricks inside this course, you can make the consistent profits as you want.


According to the Forex Mentor Pro Review, Forex Mentor Pro is the most suitable and useful for you to generate the maximum profits without investing much effort, time, and money.

If you want to earn much more money and have a better life, don’t miss this product.


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